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igor ledochowski‘s “The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis” Reveals How To Control The Minds Of People And Make Them Obey Covert Commands – and they won’t have a clue you’re doing it!

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“Master Hypnotist Reveals Forbidden Secret Of How To Control People’s Minds (Without  Their Knowledge) And Make Them Obey Covert Commands During Normal Conversation!”

Plus, learn the exact secrets that allowed an Italian thief to hypnotize cashiers into handing over money without resistance or memory of what happened (hypnosis can be deadly in the wrong hands), and exactly how the Power Of Conversational Hypnosis Program will help you develop all 4 mandatory stages of Ledochowski’s hypnotic formula.. ==>>Learn More

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“Even after 40-years of studying hypnosis,
I am impressed with Igor Ledochowski’s
contribution to the field.”

Dr. Daniel Araoz
American Board of Professional Hypnosis
Professor of Mental Health Counseling, Long Island University

Director Emeritus
Long Island Institute of Ericksonian Hypnosis
Long Island, New York

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